Formula 5000 Rulebook

These rules and regulations are issued to provide information and guidance for the
conduct of the F5000 Revival Race Series at various events in the United States.
The events are open to Formula A and F5000 cars built to original regulations that
competed during the period 1968 to 1976. In addition to the eligibility requirements
outlined below, competing cars must be in full compliance with the Monoposto Formula
5000 Class Specifications dated March 2008, which are included herein.
It is the intent of the Formula 5000 Drivers Association to have an annual Championship
contest based on the events sanctioned by the Association.
The objectives of these regulations is to provide a framework for the owners of eligible
cars and race promoters to enable the demonstration of these vehicles in a competitive,
but sportsmanlike manner in order to promote F5000 historic racing in the United States.
Competitors are reminded of the opening paragraph of FIA Regulations Appendix K
which states “Historic Competition is not simply another formula in which to acquire
trophies, it is a discipline in which one of the essential ingredients is devotion to the cars
and their history.”
Two classes of F5000 race cars have been established. The classes will be loosely based
on age. Class A will be composed primarily of pre 1972 cars and Class B will be
composed primarily of 1972 and after cars. Final classification will be advised upon
receipt of event entry and will be at the discretion of the Formula 5000 Drivers
Association. A third class, Class X, may be added from time to time for F5000 cars, or
other invited cars, not conforming to the Monoposto Specifications and other rules and
regulations. The Association may add other classes as it deems necessary.