Make: Begg 
Model: FM5-2 
Year: 1973 
Chassis: FM5-2 
Engine: Chevy 5 Litre
Transmission: Hewland DG 300

Owner: Lindsay O'Donnell 
Location: Christchurch, NZ

Previous Owners: Gavin Hicks, Chas Talbot, Graham Baker, Alan McCully 

Racing History: Car ran in the Tasman Series for 1973 to 1975. Fully restored 2002-2003. Car is currently competing in the F5000 Tasman Revival Series

Make: Begg
Model: F5000
Year: 1974
Chassis: 018
Engine: Chevy 302 fuel injection
Transmission: Hewland DG 300

Owner: Calven Bonney
Location: New Zealand

Previous Owners: Jim Murdoch (1974-1977), Christchurch Museum (1977-1994), Phil Mauger (1994-2004)., Noel Atley

Racing History: Car designed by George Begg and built by Begg Engineering a manufacturer principally of agricultural equipment in Southland, New Zealand. Car was raced by Jim Murdoch during 1974-1977 finishing second in the NZ Grand Prix in 1975 and second in the Gold Star Series. Murdoch place third in the 1976 International series in NZ with the car. Car was bought from museum in 1985 from Gavin Bain and restored for racing in Classic Racing events. Noel Atley purchased car in 2005 and raced it in historic racing events. Purchased by Calven Bonney in late 2009 and restored for 2010 racing season and Australian Grand-Prix support race debut.