Make: Eagle
Model: Formula 5000
Year: 1969

Chassis: 510
Engine: Chevy 302, 5 litre TRACO, 500+ HP

Transmission: Hewland LG600

Owner: Stephen Babinsky

Location: Lebanon- New Jersy, USA

Previous Owners: Joe Cavalieri, Doug Magnon

Racing History: Car driven by Tony Adamowicz to 1969 Formula 5000 national championship. Car was purchased by Doug Magnon and was restored during 2007 with the help of Tony Adamowicz for the Formula 5000 40th Anniversary reunion and historic race events in 2008. Car has competed since 2008 in the U.S. F5000 Revival Series and has won the Revival Championship in 2011, 2012 and 2014.

Make: Eagle
Model: MK5, Gurney Eagle Formula A
Year: 1969
Chassis: 512
Engine: Chevy 5 litre, Lucas fuel injection
Transmission: Hewland LG600

Owner: Johnnie Crean
Location: Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA

Previous Owners: AIR Team of John Crean and James Garner (1969-1974), Frank Schultz (1974), Chuck Haines, Jim Mapson, Steve Davis

Racing History: Car driven by Bill Simpson in New Zealand in 1970 in the Tasman Series. Driven by Davey Jordan in US SCCA for AIR Team in 1971-1972. Frank Schultz raced 1n 1975-1976. Jim Mapson later raced car in 1988-1990 in VARA events. Steve Davis bought the car in 2006 and raced it in vintage events until 2012 winning two U.S. F5000 Revival Race Series Championships. In 2013, John Crean's son, Johnnie Crean, bought the car and returned to the original livery of red and white. Johnnie plans to continue to race the car in vintage events.

Make: Eagle  
Model: MK-5
Year: 1969
Chassis: 511 
Engine: Chrysler 5 Litre
Transmission: Hewland LG 600

Owner: Jim Larkin
Location: Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Previous Owners: John Crean, Tom Beauchamp 

Racing History: Car raced by Davey Jordan, 1970, Swede Savage at Questor Grand Prix, 1970, Car restored to Swede Savage Livery by Jim Larkin and Tom Beauchamp Jr. in 2012.

Make: Eagle
Model: Jorgensen Eagle 755 F5000 #48
Year: 1975

Chassis: 755-001
Engine: Chevy V8, 302ci, 5 litre

Transmission: Hewland DG 300

Owner: Tom Malloy
Location: Villa Park, California, USA

Previous Owners: All American Racers, Vern Schuppan, Tom Malloy (1999)

Racing History: Car raced by James Hunt in 1974 with a second place finish at Laguna Seca and 7th place qualifying run at Riverside followed by a crash on lap 38. Driven by Bobby Unser in 1975 with best finish in 6th place at Pocono. Car was driven by Vern Schuppan also in 1975 and 1976 at various events from Watkins Glen to Riverside with many top 10 finishes and a second place at Long Beach, CA. Tom Malloy has raced the car in various Vintage racing events since he purchased it in 1999.

Make: Eagle
Model: N/A
Year: 1974

Chassis: N/A
Engine: Chevy V8, 302ci, 5 litre

Transmission: Hewland DG 300

Owner: N/A
Location: Unknown

Previous Owners: Mike Apker (1981)

Racing History: Unknown.