The Legends

Lifetime Achievement Awards

L-R: Lou Pavesi, Jim Dittemore, Michael Brayton, Arlen Koops, Rex Ramsey, Dave Wolin, Bruce Eglinton, Barry Blackmore, Ron Dykes, Eric Haga, Tony Adamowicz, Jim Law, Kneeling: Elliot Forbes-Robinson, Scooter Patrick, Dave Jordan - Photo by Bob Pengraph

Honorary Members

Many former Formula A/F5000 drivers from the original series from 1968 to 1976 joined us at the three Anniversary Celebration venues during 2008.

The Formula 5000 Drivers Association in partnership with Vintage Motorsport Magazine presented Lifetime Achievement Awards to
Tony Adamowicz - 1969 Formula 5000 US Champion
Warwick Brown - 1975 Formula 5000 Tasman Series Champion
Graham McRae - 1972 Champion and 1971-1973 Tasman Champion
Brian Redman - 1974-1976 US Champion
Awards were presented at Watkins Glen on September 6, 2008 during the 3rd round of the 2008 US Formula 5000 40th Anniversary series.
Lifetime Achievemt in Motorsports Award presented at Road America in July 2009:
David Hobbs- 1971 Formula 5000 US Champion
Lifetime Achievement in Motorsports Award presented at Watkins Glen in June 2011
Sam Posey - 1969 to 1974 Formula 5000 Driver
L-R: Seb Coppola - President F5000 Drivers Association; Tammie Boyette - Publisher Vintage Motorsport; Graham McRae; Tony Adamowicz; Brian Redman; Warwick Brown; Carl Jensen - Competition Director SVRA -- photo by Steve Bedford