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Association Officers and Board of Directors

Seb Coppola, President, Director and Chair
Dudley Cunningham, Treasurer and Director
Tim Osborne, Secretary and Director
Rick Parsons, Vice President and Director
Bruce Leeson, Director
Jim Stengel, Director

Honorary Members of The Formula 5000 Drivers Association

Barry Blackmore

Bobby Brown

Jim Dittemore

Ron Dykes

Jerry Entin

George Follmer

Jim Gustavson

David Hobbs

Davey Jordan

Jim Law

Graham McRae

Lou Pavesi

Rex Ramsey

Kurt Reinold

Eppie Wietzes

Dave Wolin

Formula 5000 Drivers Association

The Formula 5000 Drivers Association is a membership car club established to promote the registration, restoration and use of historic Formula 5000 race cars. The Association represents race drivers of vintage Formula 5000 cars from the 1960s and 1970s. The Association organizes vintage racing events and other activities for its members. In addition, the Association manages the Registry of Formula 5000 cars.

Tony Adamowicz

Michael Brayton

Warwick Brown

Steve Durst

Bruce Eglinton

Howie Fairbanks

Lyle Forsgren

Eric Haga

Gus Hutchinson

Arlen Koops

Randy Lewis

Scooter Patrick

Sam Posey

Brian Redman

Lou Sell

Doug Barrow

Doug Magnon

2024 Membership Dues
until 3-31-24

Questions: Contact Seb Coppola: 248-601-2800; or
Dudley Cunningham: 978-369-2071;
2024 Membership Dues
after 3-31-24